Waniska Mentality


Waniska is a Cree word that means to "arise. Wake up & rise."

Waniska Athletics embodies the collective rise of thought when it comes to sport. A new way of thinking, and being. Nehiyawak culture speaks of a 4-part being. A balanced self in the aspects of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental being. At Waniska Athletics we bring this approach to sport & life. 

Waniska Athletics is an idea, a concept to hold in your heart when you embark on your own journey. An idea to share to Indigenous people all over the world. A gap that is bridged between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. An understanding, and partnership to elevate each other. 

The vision of Waniska Athletics is to build a brand that is associated with Indigenous athletes who wish to succeed both on and off the ice, field, and court. This new wave of athletes will learn the tools of being prepared in their respective sport, and be woken to a higher education. No dream is too big for athletes repping Waniska Athletics. When you see someone wearing Waniska gear or attending Waniska Athletics events, you know they represent character, work ethic, and intelligence. This collective rise of athletes, is a concept proving what Indigenous athletes can & will accomplish. Everyone that carries the Waniska mentality will be known as warriors, and WE will overturn any negative stereotype of our people.