Wake Up and Dream Virtual Tour


Devin Buffalo is travelling across Canada virtually this spring. He will be virtually travelling to communities and speaking to youth groups, schools, and community wellness groups.

The presentation includes a 1-hour discussion. Additionally, a short video will be shared and a mental visualization workshop. Devin has built the speaking reputation of being inspirational, relatable, and captivating for Indigenous youth. He has been invited to speak in communities across Canada, and has impacted over 500 students nationwide. This is just the beginning to his inspirational movement.

The presentation includes topics such as: 

  1. Bullying

  2. Resiliency

  3. School performance/attendance

  4. Work ethic

  5. Respect for coaches, teammates, teachers, and self

  6. Healthy habits

  7. Visualization in life and sport 

  8.  Dealing with racism & stereotypes

  9.  Goal setting and ability to dream!


Mr. Buffalo's presentation addressed and discussed many issues that my students face on a daily basis. By sharing his personal journey, Mr. Buffalo encourages students to identify similarities in their own stories and apply the strategies taught during his presentation to overcome obstacles that are encountered in their own lives.  The target audience for this presentation is not confined to "student-athletes".  The lessons and skills that Mr. Buffalo shares are beneficial to any youth who are experiencing peer-pressure or performance related anxiety.

-Daniel Lightning Soifer: Edmonton Public Schools - Queen Elizabeth High School

Rating: 5/5

Devin your presentation was very engaging and insightful for our grade 8 students! It is so inspiring hearing your story. I appreciated you providing the students with a takeaway strategy to help them stay focused and achieve their goals. 

We could have listened to you talk for hours! Thank you! 

-Anonymous: St. John Paul II.  (Still I Rise conference)

Rating: 5/5 

Shared a great story that provided a lot of insights for our youth and their future. 

-Michael Swampy:  Nipisihkopahk Secondary School

Rating: 5/5

Devin is a very impressive and inspirational man. His openness to discuss his personal challenges and perseverance made his presentation very engaging. Devin speaks with wisdom and maturity beyond his age, and shared lessons that he has learned that have helped make him successful.

-Jamie Dziwenko: St John Paul II Catholic School

Rating: 5/5